1. Roberta Gentile
    Milan, Italy
  2. Thames River Soul
    London, UK
  3. Carl Hudson
    London, UK
  4. Katie Leone
    London, UK
  5. Dimitris Dimopoulos
    London, UK
  6. Moya Morris
    London, UK
  7. Sunwalker
    London, UK
  8. The Steve McQueens
  9. Bluey
    London, UK
  10. AliKe
    London, UK
  11. Matt Johnson
    London, UK
  12. Abi Flynn
    Brighton, UK
  13. Francisca Thomas
    London, UK
  14. Deborah Bond
    Washington, D.C.
  15. Khari Cabral & JIVA
    Atlanta, Georgia


Splash Music Productions / Splash Blue London, UK

Splash Music Productions was formed by David Ranalli & Julian Fontenell in February 2014, but in actual fact, the principles behind the label were subconsciously developed in their minds over many years previously. At the beginning of 2015, David & Julian joined forces with Jean-Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick of Incognito and Ravi Chindambaram to launch a subsidiary label – ‘Splash Blue’. ... more

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