1. Roberta Gentile
    Milan, Italy
  2. Incognito
    London, UK
  3. Thames River Soul
    London, UK
  4. Carl Hudson
    London, UK
  5. Katie Leone
    London, UK
  6. Dimitris & Sulene
    London, UK
  7. Moya Morris
    London, UK
  8. Sunwalker
    London, UK
  9. Druw & Perez
    London, UK
  10. The Steve McQueens
  11. JD73
    Leeds, UK
  12. Bluey & Friends
    London, UK
  13. Tompi
  14. Resolution 88
    London, UK


Splash Music Productions / Splash Blue London, UK

Splash Music Productions was formed by David Ranalli & Julian Fontenell in February 2014, but in actual fact, the principles behind the label were subconsciously developed in their minds over many years previously. At the beginning of 2015, David & Julian joined forces with Jean-Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick of Incognito and Ravi Chindambaram to launch a subsidiary label – ‘Splash Blue’. ... more

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